How would you describe the mission of this project to a friend?

A brief history

We all use Google: one front page with a search field that delivers results, most of the time...local.

Project John Wolley has a different approach to search and will offer 100,000 entry pages according to precise locations. Results delivered will be local only. will offer business content about Boston only (note that ".TLD" is an example of extension here).

Registering for companies will be free. Cyber Mayors will be charged on an annual basis to operate their directory.

Where we are today

Our technical platform to host our directories is 30% coded and a partnership should be signed soon to host our technical infrastructure.

We now need to draft the Cyber Mayor's contract and policies.

How to learn more?

We require to sign a NDA to learn more about the project (financial projections, concept, etc...). Contact us to proceed.

We require a $850 fee for "unidentified interested parties" wanting to learn more about the project.