What is a Cyber Mayor?

A Cyber Mayor will subscribe to operate the directory of his choice. He will sign a contract with us to operate his directory under specific conditions. He will be offered tools to generate an extra income when registration will have been completed and annual fee paid.

What will a Directory look like?

All directories will look alike with variations according to the number of inhabitants of each location. For example, a village like Cinque Terre in Italy won't have the same look as a major city like Tokyo (Japan). Categories for end user to register their business will be different.

How much will it cost?

The first price to operate a directory will be €40 per year. This price will vary according to the size of the location requested by the Cyber Mayor. Operating a directory like Versailles (France) won't cost the same as operating a city like Berlin (Germany).

Will it be possible to operate more than one directory?

Yes but a local presence in the location of your choice will be preferred.

I am interested in a specific location, can I register to a waiting list?

Yes you can, we have a form ready to be filled in below.