Project John Wolley

Worldwide Local Directories operated under one single domain name extension. 

Mission of the project

Project John Wolley offers a new way to search for local content, thanks to city names operated under one single domain name extension.

We believe that Search Engines already do a good job at presenting global information for a search string, but do they really do the job for local information?  We don't think so. To solve that problem, we think that local content deserves to be introduced a different way:

This network of local directories will benefit one from the other and offer their moderators to generate an extra income.  

Local content "only"

Each business directory offers local content based on the name of a location: nothing else but local content.

Cyber Mayors

Each Cyber Mayor operates his directory and generates an extra income if he wants to. His role is to maintain his directory ensuring about the quality of content submitted by end users.

One domain name, one location

Each directory comes as a service with its domain name. The second level domain is the name of the location :

SEO specialists

SEO agencies and specialists are welcome to operate the directories of their choice. A local presence is preferred and quality is key. Register to our waiting list.

Listing a company is free

Local companies, shops or any business can be listed for free in the category of their choice, in the city where they are located. Those who want to, can pay for a preferred link. 

No coding

No domain name registering, no hosting, no email setting: the process is simplified as its maximum. Each Cyber Mayors registers, then can access his interface to operate his directory. He pays from $40 per year for this.


Sick of finding outdated content on ugly directories operated under a multitude of different domain names and different designs? Project John Wolley come as a network of directories, under a single brand and a unique identifier.


One country, the United States of America will be launched first, the objective is to cover all existing countries on a five years period of time.